Shareholder Communication


Financial year-end 31 December

Please note that Grindrod Limited will enter into a Financial Closed Period on 1 July 2021 which will lapse once the interim financial results have been published through SENS on or about 27 August 2021.

Directors, directors of major subsidiaries, the company secretary, prescribed officers, executives, and related parties are advised not to deal in the Company’s securities or to exercise any share options from 1 July 2021 until the interim financial results have been published through SENS.

Shareholders' Diary for 2021


Annual General Meeting 

26 May 2021, 14h00


Reports and profit statements

Final results and dividend announcement for the year

Distribution of 2020 IAR

4 March 2021

30 April 2021

Interim results announcement

27 August 2021



29 March 2021



Finals results presentations

Online event                                                                                    


4 March 2021







Interim results presentations

Webinar. Please contact Investor Relations for further information. 

                   09h00            27 August 2021